Bennelong reaches $5b milestone

17 July 2013

Bennelong Funds Management's CEO, Jarrod Brown, is pleased to announce that Bennelong has crossed $5 billion funds under management for the first time. "This is an achievement of which we are obviously very proud, but which would not have been possible without the continued support of an increasingly diverse range of relationships throughout the wealth management community," said Jarrod.  "Investors and advisers alike, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to you for your support of our business, its funds and boutique asset teams since launch just over five years ago.

"The strong growth we’ve experienced despite extreme market volatility through this period has been achieved due to the exceptional investment outcomes generated by each of our boutique asset management teams. We take this opportunity to congratulate these teams and thank our staff for the great support they provide each day to ensure that each asset manager remains absolutely focused on what they do best.  Investing."


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