van Eyk awards Bennelong Avoca fund 'highly rated'

23 October 2012

The Bennelong Avoca Emerging Leaders Fund (the Fund) has been awarded a ‘highly rated' rating by van Eyk. The Fund is managed by Avoca Investment Management (Avoca), headed-up by portfolio managers, John Campbell and Jeremy Bendeich.

The team's disciplined research process, wide-spread analyst coverage and highly experienced co-portfolio managers are amongst the Fund's key competitive strengths.

Quality people and boutique environment

Prior to establishing Avoca in 2011, in partnership with Bennelong Funds Management (Bennelong), John Campbell worked with Jeremy Bendeich at UBS Global Asset Management as small-caps portfolio managers. At the time of departure from UBS in April 2011, the Small Companies Fund was ranked first over seven years and third over five years in the Morningstar Performance Survey.

The investment team holds equity stakes in Avoca, and purely focuses on investment duties and establishing a high quality funds management business. Bennelong provides financial, operational and marketing support.

Strong investment process and portfolio management

Avoca's active, bottom-up, fundamental investment process focuses on longer-term sustainable cash flows, whilst exploiting short-term market inefficiencies. The Fund typically holds 35 stocks from the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries and S&P/ASX Mid-Cap 50 Indices.

"Many investors chase earnings momentum," said John Campbell. "By following the crowd, they focus on trends and miss inflection points in the equity markets. The Avoca team, however, seeks to identify and benefit from these turning points. We aren't tempted to follow others' investment decisions because we have absolute faith in our research and analytic methodology."

Over one year since 30 September 2011, the Fund has returned 9.84%, outperforming its benchmark by 6.01%.

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