Zenith reaffirms 'highly recommended' rating for Bennelong Long Short Equity Fund

24 January 2012

Zenith Investment Partners (Zenith) has reaffirmed its ‘highly recommended' rating of the Bennelong Long Short Equity Fund. The Fund is managed by Bennelong Long Short Equity Management (BLSEM) and headed-up by Chief Investment Officer, Richard Fish.

Zenith's recent review of the Australian equities market neutral sector highlighted that while BLSEM is boutique in size, it is experienced and highly regarded by Zenith. "Furthermore, Fish has built an excellent track record working under a small team structure since establishing the business in 2002," the report said, also noting their high regard for Richard who they consider "a highly accomplished Australian shares investor both on the long and short side".

In Zenith's view, the Fund is an attractive offering that offers investors a truly market neutral fund that should act as an excellent diversifier within a broader portfolio. 

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