Bennelong's ex-20 fund awarded 'highly rated' by van Eyk

11 April 2011

The Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities Fund (the Fund) has been awarded a ‘highly rated' ‘A' rating by van Eyk Research^. The Fund is managed by Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP) which was founded in 2008 by Paul Cuddy and Mark East, in partnership with Bennelong Funds Management.

The Fund's differentiated investment strategy, robust quantitative tools and processes, and motivation provided by the boutique environment are the Fund's key competitive strengths.

Team culture and boutique environment
While BAEP was established in 2008, the investment team have previously worked together at ING Investment Management and all team members are equity holders in the boutique.

The prior working history and equity distribution amongst the team have both contributed to a collaborative and highly motivated culture; promoting solidarity and team stability.

BAEP recently added a new team member, Kieran Sisson, providing the team with an additional analyst resource and allowing Mark East to focus more on portfolio management.

Increasing retail inflows
The Fund has attracted a growing number of retail investors by offering a unique strategy which provides a complementary alternative to harness the investment potential that lies within the ASX300, but outside the top 20. Investors are offered a concentrated portfolio of the team's best high conviction picks outside the ASX top 20, delivering returns of 22.43% since inception for the Fund (inception date 2 November 2009, return as at 28 February 2011).



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