Bennelong awarded position with MAP

2 September 2009

Bennelong Funds Management's (Bennelong's) Australian Equities Fund has been awarded a position in MAP Superannuation Plan's multi manager portfolio and Australian equities fund-of-fund proposition, the MAP Australian Equity Fund.

The Bennelong Australian equities strategy is managed by Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP), a boutique joint venture between Bennelong and Australian equities professionals Paul Cuddy and Mark East.

Andrew Aitken, Bennelong Funds Management Director of Distribution, said the MAP win highlighted that they were one of the few managers to gain momentum during what had been a difficult time for equity markets.

"Bennelong is pleased to have been awarded a position in MAP's portfolio and, together with recent institutional and retail wins, is a strong endorsement for our Australian equities capability," said Andrew.

Ross Endres, MAP's Chief Investment Officer, said MAP had reviewed all asset classes within MAP Super and the group had renewed their focus on getting the right mix of active managers given the anticipated economic and financial market environments over the next three years.

"Bennelong's investment approach has the right attributes for the economic environment going forward. Their portfolio managers have demonstrated a track record of consistent positive performance and given our focus on active managers, we're really enthusiastic about what Bennelong can bring to the table," said Ross.


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