Wheelhouse Fund rated Superior by SQM

15 March 2018

SQM Research has rated the Wheelhouse Global Equity Income Fund, which was launched in May 2017, as ‘Superior’.

The Fund is managed by Wheelhouse Partners, which is headed up by Alastair MacLeod with support from a chief information officer and a trader and analyst, and backed by Bennelong Funds Management.

SQM’s ‘superior’ (four star) high investment grade rating deems the Fund suitable for inclusion on most APLs.  

SQM’s report states that the team all have significant market experience in their respective roles.

“SQM Research believes that the investment team are of high calibre with extensive prior experience in financial markets, derivatives and investments,” it says.

“The team works in a close-knit environment with daily meetings and ad hoc conversation as required. The staff are cross-trained in various parts of the business, reducing key person risk in a small team.

“The Manager implements an investment strategy that is shaped for retirees’ typical financial needs and profile. The Fund aims to combine lower cost with an investment strategy geared towards growth assets that also encompasses income generation and lower volatility.”

The Fund is based on the Morningstar® Developed Markets Wide Moat Focus IndexSM, which is in turn drawn from a universe of approximately 1,400 stocks that are actively researched by Morningstar’s global equity analyst team. ‘Wide moat’ companies are those with a structural business characteristic that supports a firm to generate excess economic returns for an extended period of time.

The investment process integrates an active tail risk management program to assist in preserving capital in more extreme market moves.

The SQM report said: “The Fund outperforms (or is likely to) its peers and benchmark the majority of the time. There are very little to no corporate governance concerns. Management is of a very high calibre.”



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