BAEP announces upcoming launch of a new microcaps-focussed fund

3 July 2017

Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP) is launching a new fund, the Bennelong Emerging Companies Fund. It will be open to both retail and wholesale investors Q4 this year.

The new fund will invest predominantly in micro and small capitalisation stocks listed on the ASX. It will be managed with the same investment approach that is behind the success of BAEP’s existing Australian equity funds.

Investment Director, Julian Beaumont, said, “The Bennelong Emerging Companies Fund represents a natural extension of BAEP’s current offering to clients. In some respects, the new microcap fund will also support our existing funds. For example, it is likely to mean we discover up and coming opportunities, some of which may grow their way into a size suitable for investment in the larger-cap funds. 

The key features of the Bennelong Emerging Companies Fund include:

  • offers exposure to micro and small cap stocks listed on the ASX. Compared to larger caps, these stocks can offer more exciting growth prospects and are often less well known and researched;
  • to be managed by the successful BAEP investment team;
  • utilises the team’s existing knowledge of micro and small cap companies, gained as part of its ongoing sector-wide research and analysis;

  • reflects BAEP’s historical success investing in emerging companies, including pre-IPO companies; and 

  • leverages the benefits that come with a firm with approximately $6 billion of funds under management*, into a microcap offering. 

Further details about the new fund will be made available closer to its launch. 


*As at 3 July 2017


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