Bennelong wins website of the year

4 June 2009

Bennelong Funds Management's website, launched in October last year, has won the Rainmaker Investment Management Website of the Year award.

"We were competing against BT Investment Management, Vanguard and Netwealth. Two of which are large institutions and the third a 100% web-focused business," said Jarrod Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Bennelong Funds Management. "We didn't anticipate a win, feeling the nomination in itself was an achievement, so were staggered by the announcement."

"It's been a busy 12 months," said Jarrod. "Since July last year, we've attracted two enviable and highly experienced investment teams - being the Australian equities team headed by Paul Cuddy and Mark East, and the global equities team, US-based SGI - launching two funds for each team. We rebranded and launched our new website, and Richard Fish's long short equities strategy won the ‘AIMA Market Neutral Fund of the Year' in September.

"This latest achievement is a reflection of the extraordinary work undertaken by our teams in Melbourne and Sydney, in building Bennelong's presence in the marketplace," he said.

The website's contents and underlying strategy were developed in-house by Bennelong's Head of Marketing, a role held jointly by Darlene White and Ella Tassi, who job-share the position. The design and programming was undertaken by Melbourne agency Show and Tell.

"No website is ever complete - its success lies in its ability to continually evolve and engage. In many ways, the website is still in its infancy and we have plenty of enhancements in the pipeline," said Jarrod.

The Rainmaker Marketing Excellence Awards, which have been running for 15 years, acknowledge the best individual professionals and firms who have shown their talents and expertise in this complex field of sales and marketing in financial services.


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