BAEP wins Morningstar Award in Domestic Equities

26 March 2014

Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP) has won the 2014 Morningstar Australia Award, beating Hyperion and Perpetual in the Domestic Equities Category.

Award winners are determined by a range of qualitative research by Morningstar's fund analysts. The winners are assessed against a number of factors including relative quality of the asset team’s people, process, philosophy and style. Business and investment disciplines, risk-adjusted medium-to-long-term track record, and performance in the 2013 calendar year are also key factors.

Morningstar said BAEP continues to produce enviable risk-adjusted returns for investors, explaining that the team has shown a ‘deft hand’ at navigating market turning points, using an earnings-growth focused process.

“The investment team is led by Mark East and Paul Cuddy, who have managed to construct a high-performing, high-conviction Australian equity portfolio”, reported Morningstar’s Christine St Anne.

BAEP was founded in 2008 in partnership with Bennelong Funds Management and currently manages $4.6 billion on behalf of both retail and institutional investors.

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