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Quay Global Investors Insights
Quay Global Investors
21 March 2023 3 min read

Central bank policy and rising interest rates a distraction for Australians

Focusing on central bank policy is more of a distraction than anything else for Australians looking to purchase property, according to Chris Bedingfield, principal and portfolio manager of global real
Skerryvore Asset Management
17 March 2023

Skerryvore Global Emerging Markets All-Cap Equity Fund receives Morningstar rating and award

Skerryvore Asset Management’s Global Emerging Markets All-Cap Equity Fund has received a Morningstar Analyst Rating™ of ‘Gold’ (as of 6 February 2023) and was awarded the 2023 Morningstar Australia Fu
Touchstone article 1
Touchstone Asset Management
17 March 2023 6 min read

Investment Insights: The wrap on reporting season

In the post GFC environment, many investors focused principally on one number during reporting season – revenue growth.
kardinia_podcast final
Kardinia Capital
15 March 2023 14 min listen

Kardinia podcast: What happens when a bank fails

Kristiaan Rehder talks to Bennelong Fund Management's Stuart Fechner about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on Australia, the flavour of the recent reporting season, and the ongo
Is the Aussie residential market bottoming
Quay Global Investors
7 March 2023 4 min read

Investment Perspectives: Is the Aussie residential market bottoming?

A stall in national house price declines while interest rates keep climbing has sparked yet another national debate on the future direction of the Australian residential market.
CPD_intergenerational weatlh.png
7 March 2023 4 min read

CPD: A family affair – the challenges of retaining intergenerational wealth

This Best Practice CPD series is published by AdviserVoice and sponsored by Bennelong Funds Management.
4D Infrastructure
28 February 2023 20 min read

Trip Insights: Americas

This is the 12th in our series of Trip Insights where we share our travel experiences. It follows a trip taken by Sarah Shaw, Global Portfolio Manager, to Mexico and North America in January 2023.
Quay_Livewire web banner_Part 3_230227
Quay Global Investors
27 February 2023 6 min watch

Why the true value of real estate comes back to the cost to rebuild

Using comparable sales as a measure of value for real estate is a trap. Here's how you should be valuing property instead.
The Long and The Short Could the year ahead defy the Fed
Kardinia Capital
23 February 2023 6 min read

The Long and The Short: Could the year ahead defy the Fed?

Regular readers of our notes will know we’ve been bearish equity markets since early 2022. However, a number of catalysts have emerged which could potentially turn market sentiment to bullish.
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