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4D Infrastructure
9 May 2019

Global Matters: Populism & perish

Populism is spreading rapidly and globally, and becoming more aggressive in its implementation and execution.
Modern Monetary Theory Part 2, and why you're still hearing a lot more about it
Quay Global Investors
7 May 2019

Investment Perspectives: Modern Monetary Theory Part 2, and why you're still hearing

In this edition of Investment Perspectives, Chris Bedingfield highlights additional insights from MMT as it relates to the private sector and the external accou
4D Infrastructure
2 May 2019

Global Matters: The changing face of US midstream assets - Investment opportunity cre

In this article, 4D Infrastructure’s Peter Aquilina and Greg Goodsell review the US midstream sector and identify a number of changes underway which they believ
Quay Global Investors
3 April 2019

Investment Perspectives: Modern Monetary Theory, and why you're about to hear a lot m

If you’re paying attention to US politics, you may be aware of an emerging new[i] economic theory supported by many US Democrats, including Congress ‘fresh
4D Infrastructure
28 March 2019

Opportunities in listed infrastructure

Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Sarah Shaw, shares her thoughts on the future for global infrastructure.
4D Infrastructure
26 March 2019

Global Matters: The outlook for global listed infrastructure investment in 2019 and b

Sarah Shaw, Chief Investment Officer and Global Portfolio Manager from 4D Infrastructure, examines the unique attributes that make infrastructure an asset class
Kardinia Capital
25 March 2019

Kardinia Capital half-yearly update - March 2019

Check out the latest webinar from Kardinia Capital
Quay Global Investors Insights
Quay Global Investors
7 March 2019

Outstanding SQM rating for Quay Global Investors

SQM has upgraded Quay Global Investors, a Bennelong boutique, to its highest rating category of "Outstanding" (4½ stars).
Quay Global Investors
6 March 2019

Investment Perspectives: The great unwind of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, and

Gyrations in equity markets over the past three months have been significant.
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