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Bennelong expands distribution into New Zealand

New Zealand advisers can now invest in nine of Bennelong Funds Management’s (Bennelong) funds.

The thriving, boutique fund manager, Bennelong, nurtures a growing suite of asset management teams, who currently have over $8 billion in funds under management in the Australian market.

There are currently seven teams supported by Bennelong, managing 11 funds, of which nine are open to new investors. The Funds now available in New Zealand offer diversification across a number of sectors:

  • Australian equities, large and mid-caps: Bennelong Australian Equity Partners’ four funds;
  • Australian equities, small caps: Avoca Investment Management;
  • Australian equities, index unaware: Touchstone Asset Management;
  • global real estate: Quay Global Investors;
  • global infrastructure: 4D Infrastructure; and
  • absolute return: Kardinia Capital.

“There is a strong appetite for Australian funds in New Zealand and our suite of products not only offers diversification but also innovation,” said Bennelong’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Bingham.

“It’s a really exciting time here at Bennelong. Due to the success of our boutiques and their funds in the Australian market, we are expanding our distribution footprint on a global scale including Europe with the opening of the BennBridge office in London, and the exploration of business opportunities in the United States.”

BennBridge aims to emulate the business model of Bennelong and the first asset management team will be brought into the fold in Q3 2017.


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