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BennBridge to launch fourth boutique partner

Bennelong Funds Management’s UK arm BennBridge is launching a new boutique asset management business, Skerryvore Asset Management, in partnership with well-known emerging markets equities manager Glen Finegan.


The boutique will be based in BennBridge’s office in Edinburgh. BennBridge also has offices in London and New York.

Craig Bingham, CEO of Bennelong and BennBridge, said: “Glen is a manager with an outstanding reputation built over many years, with an enviable track record, and his investment philosophy is in line with Bennelong and BennBridge.

“We look forward to working with him over the coming months to build Skerryvore’s business.”

Skerryvore will invest responsibly in emerging markets with the aim of generating long-term returns, with an unwavering focus on the quality of the businesses in which it invests.

The business is named after Scotland’s tallest lighthouse, which is often cited as an outstanding example of engineering constructed in a challenging location – a clear metaphor for safe navigation in risky environments.

Mr Finegan, formerly the head of emerging market equities at Janus Henderson, said he chose BennBridge thanks to the company’s proven success in partnering with quality asset managers, as well as a clear alignment of interests.

“I’m committed to continuing to invest according to my established philosophy and process, and am pleased that fits so well with BennBridge’s business,” he said.

Mr Bingham said it was a testament to the strength of the multi-boutique model that the business continued to attract partners of such high calibre.

“Our strategic long-term partnerships are key to our business, and our model reflects that.

“People invest in our funds; our boutique partners manage the money; and we manage the business to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

“Our focus continues to be on partnering with exceptional investment talent to bring quality funds to market.”

He stressed the importance of ensuring the business and its boutiques are aligned culturally as well as operationally.

“While each of our boutiques has its own distinctive philosophy and approach, they all believe in the benefits of active investment management.

“They are also all the majority owners of their businesses and invest in their own funds, ensuring their objectives are the same as our clients in always aiming for high performance.”

Bennelong and BennBridge are part of the BFM Group, a multi-boutique investment company that now partners with 12 asset managers across the globe to deliver actively managed funds in the listed equity space.

“Our boutiques invest in Australian, UK, Asian and global equities; listed global infrastructure and real estate; and global emerging markets,” said Mr Bingham.

“We see increasing demand for our strategies across Australia, the UK, Europe and North America, and are committed to unlocking the wealth potential of global markets for the benefit of our clients.”

The Group has experienced significant global growth over the past few years, with total assets under management now more than AUD 11 billion (at 30 September 2019).

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