Q&A with Sarah Shaw: airports, emerging markets and ESG

27 May 2020

“The earnings of these assets are proving to be far more resilient than the equity sell-off implies.”

Listen to Sarah Shaw, 4D Infrastructure’s Global Portfolio Manager and CIO, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on infrastructure; interviewed by Jonas Daly, Bennelong’s Head of Distribution.

00:20 – Why listed infrastructure assets are looking so attractive (post market falls) 
01:50 – How a shift in the economic outlook has changed the positioning of 4D’s portfolio 
03:20 – The fundamental impact on airports as an asset class 
05:07 – Characteristics of the countries in which 4D invests
06:45 – Why there’s (a lot) more to emerging markets than volatility and risk
09:29 – How the crisis has reinforced the importance of ESG principles 
11:36 – Why infrastructure could play a significant role in the global recovery 
13:31 – The unique buying opportunity in listed infrastructure as we move forward


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