Crisis, recession - opportunity?

9 April 2020

Crisis, recession - opportunity?

In a world of uncertainty and occasional panic, it can feel impossible to see past the bad news. Just ask anyone watching the volatility in investment markets across the world as stocks tumble and spike.
However, while it’s certainly true that the current global situation is unlike anything most of us have lived through – and it will leave behind significant personal and economic pain – there are always opportunities for gain, even if they’re sometimes hiding in the shadows. Our boutique partners all believe in the benefits of long-term active investment management, and it’s here that the current environment can offer some attractive opportunities for those who know where to look.
Here are links to some of the latest updates from our boutiques on how they’re aiming to maximise these opportunities for investors. For more insights, you can also visit each boutique’s website.




Quay Global Investors

Podcast: portfolio and market update

Podcast – 30 minute listen

Quay Global Investors

Explaining the April US equity bounce

Article – 6 minute read

Kardinia Capital

Market & portfolio update

Article – 3 minute read

Kardinia Capital

Video: What's next for markets

Video – 5 minute watch

4D Infrastructure

Global listed infrastructure - 'Buy' time looming?

Article – 25 minute read

4D Infrastructure

The impact of the oil shock on North American midstream assets

Article – 15 minute read

Bennelong Australian Equity Partners*

Update on the current market environment

Article – 3 minute read


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