Bennelong senior promotions reflect global focus

6 August 2019

Bennelong Funds Management has announced the appointment of two senior promotions which will serve to strengthen the firm’s global positioning and boost its client capabilities.

Ella Tassi has been promoted to the role of chief marketing officer, with Nicole Hammond taking on the newly-created head of client experience position. Both appointments – effective immediately – are internal promotions and demonstrate the firm’s continuing focus to position itself globally.

Bennelong’s chief executive officer, Craig Bingham, said the appointments recognise the ongoing commitment and contribution made by Ella and Nicole.

“Ella and Nicole both have an acute sense of Bennelong’s customer and brand proposition, and where we want to be over the coming few years in terms of growth and success of the funds,” he said.

Ella's promotion to chief marketing officer is intended to foster growth by creating demand and reaching scale, as well as driving the development of Bennelong’s brands and customer focus.

“Ella has overseen the growth trajectory of the Bennelong brand and its 11 boutique partners for over a decade.

“As we continue to grow the business globally, her role has extended to more formally support activities in the UK and US, as well as here in Australia,” said Craig.

Ella was previously Bennelong’s head of marketing, and has also held in-house marketing roles with IOOF, National Australia Bank and AXA Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Sociology) from Swinburne University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma (Marketing) from RMIT University.

Nicole’s appointment to head of client experience acknowledges the changing shape, nature and expectation of Bennelong’s customers, and the business’s commitment to understand and meet their needs.

“Given Nicole’s existing knowledge of the business and our client base, I’m confident she will elevate our client experience to be one that’s considered market-leading,” said Craig. 

Prior to commencing with Bennelong Funds Management – which has included roles in operations and fund accounting – Nicole worked for Mercer and Aviva. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from RMIT University and is a Chartered Accountant.

“Both Ella and Nicole embody the characteristics needed for their roles, and are capable in both the soft and technical skills required. I’m thrilled to see their careers progress, and am confident they’ll both continue to lead Bennelong’s growth,” said Craig.

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