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The mFund Settlement Service (mFund) is a leading innovation that enables investors to use a broker (or a financial adviser who uses a broking service on their behalf) to buy and sell units in a selection of unlisted managed funds. The service uses CHESS for settlement, an electronic system used for ASX share transactions, replacing the traditional paper-based process.

There are a number of Bennelong funds available via mFund - please refer to the list below. For more information about how to invest via mFund, please contact Client Experience on 1800 895 388.

Managed by 4D Infrastructure

4D Global Infrastructure Fund (Unhedged) (4DI01)

Managed by Bennelong Australian Equity Partners:

Bennelong Australian Equities Fund (BAE01)

Bennelong Concentrated Australian Equities Fund (BAE02)

Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities Fund (BAE03)

Bennelong Twenty20 Australian Equities Fund (BAE04)

Bennelong Emerging Companies Fund (BAE05)

Managed by Quay Global Investors

Quay Global Real Estate Fund (Unhedged) (QGI01)

Managed by Skerryvore Asset Management

Skerryvore Global Emerging Markets All-Cap Equity Fund (SKE01)