Reaffirmation of Kardinia's 'highly recommended' rating

24 June 2013

Zenith Investment Partners (Zenith) has reaffirmed its highest accolade, a ‘highly recommended' rating, to the Bennelong Kardinia Absolute Return Fund. The Fund is managed by Kardinia Capital, which is headed up by Mark Burgess and Kristiaan Rehder.

The Bennelong Kardinia Absolute Return Fund is a long/short Australian equity fund, with the long-term objective of achieving double-digit annual rates of return - without compromising on capital protection.

Zenith believes the Fund is one of the more dynamic variable beta strategies in the market, noting the Fund's characteristics will suit "wealth accumulators", given the capital growth focus, while the <100% average net market exposure will appeal to those seeking some downside protection.

The report states that "Overall, Zenith believes Kardinia offers one of the best long/short capabilities in the sector, with a standout track record versus its peers over the longer term."

The Bennelong Kardinia Absolute Return Fund has $112m in FUM.


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