Zenith reaffirms Bennelong global fund rating

17 August 2010

Zenith Investment Partners (Zenith) has held its ‘recommended' rating of Bennelong Funds Management's global equities fund, the Bennelong SGI Global Equities Fund.

Managed by US-based global equities manager Security Global Investors (SGI), Zenith's recent review of the fund has reaffirmed its rating from 12 months ago, highlighting the manager's use of a blended quantitative/fundamental process as an appealing and differentiating feature.

Zenith noted that there have been a number of changes within SGI since their last review, such as the purchase of SGI's parent company by Guggenheim and the addition of a senior financial analyst to the team, which were viewed as positive for Bennelong SGI's global equities offering.

Zenith continues to consider the team as well led and remains comfortable with the depth of quality of the broader investment team and current portfolio management structure. SGI's research prioritisation process was also seen as a strong and attractive feature, with Zenith noting that they have not witnessed this level of rigor at many other investment management firms.



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