Bennelong Twenty20 nominated for Innovation Award

13 October 2016

The Bennelong Twenty20 Australian Equities Fund (the Bennelong Twenty20 Fund) has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Lonsec Innovation Award 2016. The Bennelong Twenty20 Fund is managed by Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP), a Bennelong Funds Management boutique.

The Lonsec Innovation Award aims to recognise leadership and innovation in Australia’s financial services industry, and in particular, innovative products that create real value for investors.

“These awards are about more than just past performance – they are about identifying those funds and managers that are having the biggest impact on the industry’s future,” said Matt Olsen, CEO of Lonsec Research. “Each of the funds nominated have stood out amongst their peers in demonstrating real passion, leadership and innovation.”

BAEP, led by Mark East since the team’s inception in 2008, launched the Bennelong Twenty20 Fund in December 2015. The Fund is novel in combining both passive and active management within the one product. The Fund invests passively in the top 20 stocks, similar to an index fund, whilst actively investing among ex-20 stocks. The combination results in a low cost – just 0.39% plus a performance fee* – and maintains the opportunity to outperform through active management of the more opportunity-rich segment of the market. The ex-20 component of the portfolio is managed in the same way as is the highly successful Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities Fund (the Bennelong ex-20 Fund). The Bennelong ex-20 Fund itself was unique at the time of its launch in 2009 in focusing away from the mega-caps stocks in respect of which outperformance is far more difficult.   

Julian Beaumont, Investment Director at BAEP said, “We’re truly honoured to be recognised for the innovation behind the Bennelong Twenty20 Fund. It reflects our willingness to think outside the box to create differentiated products that enhance what is available for investors, as well as our practicality in appreciating the benefit of targeted passive investing.” 

The Bennelong Twenty20 Fund is rated Recommended by Lonsec and Highly Recommended by Zenith.

BAEP beat out all other Australian-based asset managers to win the coveted ‘Fund Manager of the Year’ Award at the Zenith | Professional Planner 2016 Awards announced this month. The firm also won the awards for ‘Australian Equities – small caps’ (for the Bennelong ex-20 Fund) and ‘Australian Equities – large caps’.

* The performance fee equal to 15% of any amount by which the Fund’s return exceeds the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index.