Kardinia podcast: market and portfolio update

23 July 2020

There seems to be a widespread belief that the market will decline – and yet it continues to rally. So what’s going on?

Join Portfolio Managers Kristiaan Rehder and Stuart Larke of Kardinia Capital as they speak with Jonas Daly, Head of Distribution at Bennelong Funds Management, about the health of the economy – both globally and domestically – and why there’s more to the market rally than meets the eye.


00:25 - how Kardinia has performed so far in 2020

02:34 - the impact of fiscal and monetary stimulus on the market

07:38 - what’s happening across the global economy (and how it affects Australia)

11:06 - why the US market is rallying while case numbers continue to rise

12:34 - how the portfolio is positioned moving forward  

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