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We’re proud to be the major sponsor of the Hunger Ride, a cycling event run by Foodbank Victoria that raises much-needed funds to provide vulnerable Victorians with emergency food relief.


About the Hunger Ride


The need

Many people are reeling from the economic impacts and disruption of COVID-19 and finding themselves in situations they never anticipated, unable to put food on the table.

The latest Foodbank Hunger Report provides a sobering snapshot of food insecurity in Australia.

  • One in six adults in Australia haven’t had enough to eat in the past year
  • 1.2 million children have gone hungry in the past year
  • One in three people struggling to meet their food needs are new to the situation
  • Two in five people seeking food relief do not get enough for their household’s needs
  • More than half of those impacted by severe food insecurity go a whole day each week without eating

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About Foodbank

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the frontline charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians. Foodbank provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide.

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