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Bennelong Long Short Equity Fund

The Bennelong Long Short Equity Fund aims to achieve a superior absolute return from a portfolio of both long and short large capitalisation Australian shares whilst limiting the portfolio exposure to market risk by utilising a dollar neutral long/short strategy.

Portfolio managers

Sam Shepherd

Stock range

Typically 50-70 stocks

Client risk profile


Investment team

Bennelong Long Short Equity Management

Investment timeframe

Medium to long term


Bennelong Funds Management Ltd
AFSL 296806
Level 1, 9 Queen St, Melbourne

Inception date

February 2002

Fees and charges

Contact Client Services for more information

Minimum investment amount



Performance summary

  Email Client Services to obtain current performance.


Application -
Redemption -
Effective date Not applicable

Distribution information

To obtain current distribution information, please email Client Experience or call 1800 895 388.

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